Solid Windows

Our windows are made with passion to the highest standard and requirements for old and new builds. To create the perfect pieces we only use the highest quality wood and other components. Our products are solid and durable and they come with all the excellent security and thermal efficiency benefits.


We use high quality glue-layered, knot-free scantlings. The outer layers are solid timber or joined by mini finger-joints. To meet our customers’ needs our products can be crafted from the following types of wood:

  • Pine-softwood
  • Exotic-hardwood
  • Oak


Our windows are equipped with hardware of such respected brands as



High-quality seals from SCHLEGEL, the producer of Q-LON seals, guarantee water-tightness and protect against noise and dust. Thanks to the high-quality materials used they are regarded as one of the best systems currently available in the market.


IGU windows are an important and widely used part. They are made of float-type glass (very flat; non-view-distorting). These low-emissivity glass windows are filled with argon which has the k = 1.1 heat-transfer coefficient. Thanks to the appropriate glazing and gas set the desired acoustic properties are achieved. To meet our customers’ needs the following types of glass can be used:

  • Heat Protection
  • SafeĀ (Burglary Protection)
  • Sun Protection
  • With Transoms
  • Sound Proof
  • Decorative


For impregnation and coating, we use TEKNOS(GORI) products. They fully protect the wood by deep penetration of the surface which prevents the growth of fungi and provides an effective anti-moisture protection as well as protection against other adverse conditions. The paints are durable and remain truly presentable for a long time.


Wooden transoms are a decorative addition that adds a unique look, emphasising a property’s traditional character. To meet our customers’ needs, stick-on bars can be fixed as well as inter-panel constructions.

Sash Windows

Our timber windows are a perfect way to maintain and bring out the character of your home.

Casement Windows

Our timber casement windows are going to enhance the look and character of any home.

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